Alexandre Birman Dip-Front Wedge Ankle Boots


I bought my first pair of Alexandre Birman shoes a couple of years ago (when he was WAY under the radar) and I paid around $500 for a pair of python platform shoes– they were cute but nothing to write home about.  I thought he’d focus on well priced exotic items without giving much attention to design but judging from these wedge booties, it’s clear he’s got an eye for shoe design, exotic skin or not.  Love the slight dip in the front, wedge boots can get clunky but with the dip it’s elegant and edgy.  These remind me of Margiela boots or Demeulemeester (at slightly better prices).  I do have to say that Birman shoes are not the most comfortable, so I have to try these on before recommending.  What do you think? 

Alexandre Birman Dip-Front Wedge Ankle Boots for $525

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