All your questions about eye care answered

Turns out I’ve been applying my eye cream all wrong! Dangerously close to my eye and needlessly on my eyelids. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one. To get the lowdown on all the dos and donts I spoke with Alan Parks, MD, dermatologist and founder of DermWarehouse, who also just happens to have his own eye cream, Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift. Checkout below for our interview on proper eye cream application – and remember, if nothing else, the one cardinal rule is, be gentle!

Does it really matter with which finger you apply eye cream?

“It doesn’t really matter which finger you apply the eye cream with. Some say it should be applied with your ring finger, others say index finger, but changing the finger you apply with is not going to change the results.”

Are eye creams like skincare where you need to pick one based on your specific concerns or if one works for person X will it work for person Y?
“Yes, eye creams should be chosen based on specific concerns. There are eye creams for fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, etc. There are creams that are richer if you need something more hydrating, but there are also gels and serums if your skin type is best suited for something on the lighter side.”
Where exactly does eye cream need to be applied? Eyelids? 
“You should be careful of applying the eye cream too close to your eye. Directions on most eye creams will state that they should not be applied on the top eyelid. You should also not use it directly below your bottom lashes. Some eye creams are made for the upper eyelid as well, and if they are, they will specify on the instructions. Eye cream can travel up or down when your body temperature increases, which is why you want to be careful and make sure you’re not applying too close to your eyes. You should also be careful when applying eye cream at night. When you sleep, it can move into your eyes. Eye cream should be applied on the orbital bone.”
At what age should you start with an eye cream?
“Many people start using eye creams in their 30s, as that’s when they begin to notice lines around the eye area. You can actually start using an eye cream in your 20s, which will help prevent the lines from forming. The eye area is the most delicate skin on your face and it will usually show signs of aging before any other area. So it’s important to begin protecting this area early.”
Do you need to apply it morning and evening?
“You should always follow the instructions on the specific product. Most eye creams, however, are meant to be used twice per day, and if this is what the directions state, then that’s what should be done. Many people try to make their skin care products last longer by only using them once per day or using as little as possible. You should always use products how they are meant to be used. If directions say use it twice a day, you’ll get the best results from using it twice a day.”

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