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Which colour do you think is the best colour for Edith and paddington? Also.. Is the colour craie discontinued?

It seems there are only off-white paddington out there…. and no craie. What is the difference between the two, is it just slightly different?


Hi Joyce,

First, let me commend you on having excellent taste as these are the two most fabulous handbags right now! The Chloe Edith looks best in Whiskey as it really shows off the contrasting top stitching. As for the Paddington, the Anthracite metallic is our favorite. It’s a gun metal gray and will be a neutral to go with everything in your closet plus it can be used as an evening bag. The craie is an ashier color than the off-white but there is not much difference. Check with Net-a-porter often for more anthracite Paddingtons and whiskey Edith bags.

Best, The Snob

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