4 Alternative Holiday Gifts: Going Above and Beyond

If you ask me, unless you’re a millionaire, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as the gift of money (or an Intermix gift card…there is no such thing as too many ALC dresses in my book!), but I realize that’s usually not appropriate and most people like giving more personal presents to their friends and family. If you’re at a loss as to something uniquely memorable to give a loved one, here’s some inspiration for ideas to suit a variety of interests.

For the Beauty Lover: Nails inc Spray On Polish

Alternative Holiday Gifts

Now here’s something completely new. Nail inc has launched The Paint Can, the world’s first spray on polish. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet since the initial launch is in the UK, but for a beauty lover who loves to experiment, this is an awesome stocking stuffer. Just spray the polish and in seconds your nails will be covered. They say that the excess color that gets on skin is quick to remove with water and soap once the color has dried (it takes about the same amount of time as regular polish to dry). Each can is said to have 15 to 30 applications and like with all polishes, a top and base coat are recommended. For now there are two colors available — silver and hot pink — each of which retail for £10.

For the Fitness Fanatic: Adidas Custom

Alternative Holiday Gifts

For the first time ever, Adidas is offering customized performance apparel. Each pair of tights is $65. First you choose from one of three performance tights styles, pick the color and graphics you want on the lower leg and waist, add a motivational phrase, name or anything else you like (loving holiday message, perhaps?) to the back waist or lower leg, and choose the font style. Other customization options, like shoes, are also available.

For the Entrepreneur: Coffee Joulies

Alternative Holiday Gifts

I first heard about these on Shark Tank when the founders were pitching their idea to the entrepreneurs for funding. Coffee Joulies (on Coffee Joulies for $59.95) are basically small, stainless steel capsules that you just pop into your coffee and they’ll keep your coffee at a drinkable temperature for hours (seriously…hours…not minutes). If you know someone who is go-go-go – or just appreciates innovation – this is a great and super useful idea to keep energy up.

For the Consummate Host: Ovando Design Classes


You can’t beat Ovando when it comes to flower arrangements. Their designs are the most breathtakingly unique I’ve ever seen (little surprise, they’re a go-to for brands like Cartier), but even though they’re lavish, they aren’t ever ostentatiously showy or tacky like many bouquets, especially colorful ones, can be. While you can order one of their arrangements online or in-store, they also offer $200 classes for which you can buy a floral class gift certificate. This is such a fun idea for anyone who loves hosting people or is a Martha Stewart-in-the-making! The classes, which are organized by theme (think Thanksgiving centerpiece), will give an even greater appreciation for how difficult it is to create sculptural floral designs – even when they look simple! No worries, though, you can assure the person you’re getting the class for that there are experts in the room to make sure that no matter how clumsy you might be, you’ll leave with a beautiful floral arrangement to take home.

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