American Retro Sedan Pedal Car: Drive Her to Distraction


This is one dreamy set of wheels – even for me! What more could a little girl ask for than a pink and white and chrome sedan to cruise around in?! With the same design as the original, the American Retro Sedan car is the perfect gift for the tot who has everything (and needs something to cart it all around in). It’s also the perfect purchase for the mom who has just found herself lusting after Prada‘s new hot rod-inspired Spring collection.

But it’s not just a sight for sore eyes – it will get your girl exercising as she pedals all over the place. Of course, it’s sturdy and safe, and even resistant to rust should your petite princess forget to park it in the garage. And I love that it comes ready to roll – no assembly needed. So, tiny – and probably slightly spoiled – tots, start your engines – or make that, work those legs! At Barneys New York for $285.

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