Andrew Lessman Holiday Survival Kit

First off if you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor before taking any sort of nutritional supplement. The only supplement, according to my doctor, we can all categorically use is Vitamin D. In fact if you live on the East Coast it’s near impossible for you to get the amount you need year-round and Vitamin D is essential for Calcium absorption (which most people also do not get enough of). With that in mind I take Vitamin D and Calcium daily and I urge you to speak with your doctor about doing the same! Now given that it’s the day after Thanksgiving I imagine that most of us are getting over a food coma and trying to scramble up the energy to go Black Friday shopping (I’ll be front and center at Saks come 8am!), and to that end I wanted to suggest Andrew Lessman’s Holiday Survival Kit ($85). 

The kit comes with five supplement bottles – Digest Assure, Night Time, PC Liver & Brain, Urgent Energy, and Breath Plus to help you in tackling common problems around this time of year. I don’t take pills or supplements often (in fact I could probably count on one hand how many Advils I’ve taken this year), but these all-natural supplements are very convincing! I tried Digest Assure which comes from only vegetarian sources (unlike most digestive aids which are sourced from animals), and it’s formulated to help break down the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats we eat into more easily absorbed molecules. It’s very useful when finding yourself over-indulging to combat bloating. Just take it mid-meal or if you feel like you’re about to have a heavy meal, take it before. Read more about Andrew Lessman’s supplements here to see what might work for you and check-out Dr. Weil’s helpful Vitamin Advisor here! Happy Black Friday shopping!


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