Angelina Jolie x Atelier Versace: Wickedly Good

Angelina Jolie x Atelier Versace

Is Angelina Jolie even a real person?? Thirteen years after her turn as Lara Croft, and it seems she’s full-on morphed into the Tomb Raider avatar! I’m just in complete awe of this body. Who has a waist that tiny after giving birth not once, but twice, and to twins?! The gathering at the hip of this Atelier Versace gown perfectly accents an hourglass figure like hers.

Though black always seems to be Angie’s go-to, this time there was even more reason to go dark – the world premiere of her new movie Maleficent. With the slicked back hair, spiked jewelry, and a black rubberized silk dress (looks almost like latex, no?), it’s clear that she took a cue from the famous villain she plays on screen. I’m just glad the horns were left at home! What do you think of this 3D action figurine and her wickedly good gown?

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