Animal Prints Are Clawing Its Way Back Into Fashion

By now, we know that animal prints are never going away in fashion. The issue is not if it will ever come backbut rather, when animal prints will come back in season. In my view, it never went away and it only becomes officially revitalised when designers are strapped for ideas. And because animal prints are a general crowd-pleaser, it’s not hard for designers to reach for fauna inspiration in their bin of ideas.

In case you don’t believe me, Vogue has made its declarations clear, highlighting many designers reintroducing an array of animal printed designs on bags (in leather, calf). Vogue didn’t need to tell me though,  animal prints for Fall are like two peas in a pod (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a more interesting simile).

The point is, we’re here to tell you that animal prints are clawing to have a place in your wardrobes. Many premier designer brands mimic luxuriously patterned coats of leopard and the skins of snakes and these come in classic bags.  Some make use of patchwork effects that lends the bag an interesting artsy look.  Take a look for yourself.


Pandora Velvet Animal-Print Small Satchel Bag, $2,190.00


Natalia Small Leopard-Print Soft Velvet Shoulder Bag, $1,850.00


Shadow Small Leopard-Print Tote Bag, $2,750.00


Falabella Go Leopard Print Velvet Camera Bag, $965


Mini Roy Python Print Leather Bucket Bag, $1,850


Small Embossed Python & Crochet Lunch Bag, $995

Salvatore Ferragamo

Small Snakeskin Shoulder Bag, $1,650.00

icon Patricia Small Leather & Leopard Print Calf Hair Satchel, $1,250.00

iconGV3 Small Leopard Velvet Shoulder Bag $2,390.00

iconKan I Python Shoulder Bag $5,100.00

iconRogue Patchwork Leopard Tote Bag, $895.00

Bobby 16 Leopard-Print Calf Hair Bag, $795

Stella McCartney
iconFalabella Tiny Leopard Tote Bag, $815.00

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