Anti-Diaper Bags: Mother’s Day Comes Early

Anti-Diaper Bags

Moms-to-be always ask about diaper bags, but what about those nine long months of being pregnant? Don’t get me wrong: I loved being pregnant, so I’m not talking Grace Kelly “hide-the-bump” types of bags. Instead, the stylish kind that make you feel pretty, even if that’s their sole purpose. I treated myself to more Hermès and Chanel bags during those nine months than any other time of my life.

Think about it: This is one of the few phases when you can justifiably be selfish, buying bags strictly for your own pleasure. You are growing a baby from nothing, and you’ll never get the chance (or excuse) to be this flighty again. Who cares if it doesn’t fit a cell or keys?! Right now, it’s your husband’s duty to drive you around and keep your phone in his pocket. After all, you’re carrying his child. Once that baby pops out, it’s all about his/her needs (toys, snacks, books: you have no idea the kinds of stuff I carried around when my son was young and still do!). And yes, celebrate that big bump.

1. The Row Drawstring Backpack:icon If you’re a hipster mom-to-be, go for a chic little backpack that keeps you unencumbered. At Barneys New York for $3,900.

2. Valentino The Rockstud Leather Clutch:icon For an evening out on the town drinking virgin fruit smoothies, choose a wristlet lest you suffer pregnancy amnesia and forget your fancy clutch in the ladies’ room like I did. On NET-A-PORTER for $2,075.

3. Hermès Constance:icon Stay away from large or heavy crossbody bags (the strap can be very uncomfortable). A mini to mid-sized option is just right. Inquire at Hermès for pricing.

4. Lanvin For Me Leather Crossbody Bag:icon If you do a cross body, make sure it’s lightweight, cute, and comfortable. What could be better than a bag called the For Me?! At Nordstrom for $1,085.

5. Chanel Alligator Boy Flap Bag: It’s expensive, and you’re worth it. You’re not buying long-lasting clothes, so why not splurge on a nice bag? Later in my pregnancy, I stuck with smaller shoulder bags – just not so small I couldn’t carry a snack. With a big belly (and back pains and swollen ankles), you don’t want anything too heavy. Inquire at Chanel for pricing.

Anti-Diaper Bags

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  1. November 3, 2013 / 1:49 am

    Would like to know the price for the Hermes constance pls.

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