APL Launched Lace-Less Boots you can actually workout in

Believe it or not you can head to your favorite workout – no matter what it is – wearing these lace-less boots from APL. And no, I don’t mean just as a “to and from” shoe, you can actually work out in these!!! Called The Techloom Chelsea, the style has been in the works for two years and is made using a unique stretchy fabric (looks and feels similar to APL’s signature sneakers) that is both comfortable for everyday wear, but functional for workouts. It might have served the brand a bit better to launch these in the fall/winter where I’m sure their popularity will skyrocketm but I can’t wait to give these a try. I am not a fan of the biker short trend, but if there’s one sneaker style that can make a biker short work, it would be, in my opinion, this one. The boots come in six different colorways (see below for some examples), but knowing APL this is just the beginning and they are sure to launch many dozen more. Each style retails for $250 and they have them for both men and women. I can’t be the only one hoping there are some leopard or bright neon APL boots to come…

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