apple cider vinegar is the key to healthy winter hair

Apple cider vinegar has been touted all over social media as a wellness cure-all. It has a funky smell (and taste…) which has limited how much I’ve tested various theories, but a recent treatment for my oily scalp and winter-induced dried strands at the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa has me overlooking the funky smell. Usually when you go to a luxe salon for a pampering hair treatment you’re lavished in products that smell as good as they function (like those from my love Kerastase…), but the focus of this treatment was an apple cider vinegar-based Biologique Recherche product. True to their name this isn’t a brand about fluff and marketing, they’re about products that actually work, which is why now – nearly three weeks after my treatment my scalp still feels great and my strands look brighter (it’s not the point of the treatment – but the products gave a major boost to my highlights’ shine).

Here’s what the treatment entailed and how you can get it at home.

It’s called the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Capillaire Purifying Hair & Scalp Treatment (60 minutes with blowout – though I asked so many questions I was there for 2 hours! – $150; without blowout $95/30 minutes). While you can do the treatment at home (and I will get into that shortly) it takes A LOT of patience. These products don’t work unless you apply them properly and that takes time. I was sitting under a heated lamp for 20 minutes at one point and each product is really massaged into the scalp and/or hair. So, unless you have a lot of patience I’d opt for the in-salon experience because the products aren’t cheap and they’re not worth the money if you don’t actually use them properly.


Depending on your hair type, the shampoo/conditioner used may be slightly different. The magic here is thanks to the P50 Capillaire treatment, which helps balance pH, regulate sebum secretion, moisturize, and lightly exfoliate – it’s perfect if you workout often, but don’t wash your hair everyday and you also live in a dry climate. This combo of products really helped manage my hair texture and added lasting shine (again, it’s not meant to be a replacement for a gloss, but if you’re on a time or money budget I would use it as one). I’m really not one for spending two hours at a salon if it’s not for highlights, but turns out apple cider vinegar is worth it…

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