Just in time for rainy weather in NYC and LA (though it’s a sunny warm 75 here in the big D 🙂 is New Batman Rain Gear! My littly guy almost peed in his pants when he saw the giant box with the Batman logo in the middle of the living room waiting for him. In the box was the ultimate Bat-gadget for our little guys to face this rainy season in super hero style!

The hooded rain slicker with removable cape is being worn by my son all day long, indoors and out as his new favorite costume (glow in the dark logos make it super fun to where out at night!). There are also Batman boots and a matching Batman umbrella to help them take flight in their adventures. The Batman-themed collection of rainwear by Washington Shoe Company, $36.95 for the boots, $16 for the umbrella and $50 for the raincoat.

Batman Rainboots sizes range from child’s size 5-13 and youth sizes 1-4. Batman Raincoat are available from size 2T to 6X. Get the Batman Raingear collection at Nordstrom.com


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