Are Trunkshows Part of Your Shopping Experience?

First off, let’s define the word ‘trunkshow’, as I know it might be a vague idea to a lot of people not working in fashion. I myself had to google the term so chances are you might not know exactly what it is either! 

A trunkshow is an exclusive peek at a brands’ latest wares before it hits retail stores. It’s hosted at a boutiques, private homes, trendy hotels or any other desirable locale that enhances the mood for buying.  If food and cocktails are involved, even better! The main benefit of a trunkshow is that you get to buy a brand’s goodies before it reaches the vying hands of the public. 

In this internet age, it’s a sensible move by luxury retailers to expand this idea to a virtual space, and Moda Operandi is taking the idea and doing it in the kind of way that feels exciting and relevant, making you feel like you’re an ‘insider’ too. 

On their website, you can secure one-of-a-kind type pieces at a touch of a button, after getting inspired from a designer’s lookbook and ‘runway’. Rummage through a good selection of designers ranging from accessories, handbags/shoes and fine jewelry, many of which are fresh from a brand’s collection previews. Don’t be surprised to discover cool new brands that you’re not too familiar with that offers the kind of uniqueness outside of mainstream desires and tastes. I loved finding new exquisite jewelry brands that I didn’t know beforehand, with a mix of bold to delicate and asymmetrical to precise designs  – all with a unique point of difference. Trunkshow on Moda Operandi really is a space that makes you feel like you’re congregating with fashion souls, and the best part is you can be in your PJ’s with piping hot cup of joe in hand!

As I’m writing, pre-orders are happening, so we suggest you hop on their site and beset your eyes on some amazing things to buy before someone else snatches it up!

To get you started, here are 20 things that I’d love to pre-order with my imaginary wallet. Can you blame me?

Get started on how to do Trunkshow shopping at Moda Operandi here.


ALBUS LUMEN M’O Exclusive Postino Cropped Top
I love a good crop to mix and match with high-waisted A-line skirts or a good pair of high-waisted straight jeans. This earthy looking green one looks like it’ll do the trick for lots of casual outings.

ALIX OF BOHEMIA Bloom Petal Chiffon Ruffle Top

Now, I’m not fully into frills but this glowing pink one is like blush for your body. Plus it accents all your unique movements!



Can you tell I’m partial to a light colour palette for dressing? This floral one is easy but elegant and would make me feel put together, without trying too hard at being a lady. Oh, I do try.


DEL TORO M’O Exclusive:Bagel & Coffee Slipper

Apparently these are slippers with prints of coffee and bagels? As far as I’m concerned those are donuts, or are bagels and donuts the same thing? Either way, when you want your mood lifted, I bet slipping these on will make you want to sing!


Heritage Auctions Special Collections Hermès 30cm White And Blue Birkin

A two tone Birkin makes it surprisingly preppy and forward looking. I’m used to seeing Birkin’s with exotic leathers and in high octance hues like hot pink (on the web), but this exact one is right up my alley.



LEVINIA Cotton Poplin Kaftan

Okay, is this a night gown? Nope, it’s a light and airy kaftan for long days on the beach or by the pool, without feeling like your skin is sizzling under the sun.  I swear the model made it look less 18th century night-gown and more effortless beach chic. Still not apologising!


LOEFLER RANDALL Everthing Wallet

I adore Loeffler Randall’s machination of feminine shoes with sweet details, which make it especially special. This wallet is neutral with the same characteristic of sweet details.



Muled sandals are always a good idea for some height, when you want a dressier feel heading into a night of summer evening cocktails.

LUZ CAMINO Ginkgo Brooch


I’ve always thought brooches, as an accessory was a charming part of a person’s outfit. The older generations affinity to the brooch is not surprising and I’m surprised the younger generation haven’t really taken a leaf out of their style book. A famous fashionista needs to make it become a thing! She/he can start with this ginkgo one. 


NATHALIE TRAD Tab Shell Lucia Clutch

Astral natural elements are totally inspiring for the star gazer in each of us. This clutch should be a reminder to give pause and look at the majestic things our planet has to offer.  My partner did a double take at this clutch and thought it was pretty nifty too. Why, thank you.


N°21 Agacia Embellished Collar Dress

This is like a cheat’s guide to enhanced office dressing. Make your co-workers eyes pop, while you anticipate a flux of compliments coming your way.

N°21Lidia Printed Midi Dress

Yes, back to being sophisticated and lady-like. This dress with a high neck is sweet as pie, and you can even pair it with white sneakers if you’re that in a hurry.


You know I love basket type bags, but you know what I love more? It’s basket bags with a hint of amusement. You can actually customise your own three letter word on the bag.



SALONI Eve B Astro A Line Dress

This A-line midi dress shape is a timeless key component of many womens’ wardrobe.  Of course I’m not going to buck the trend when it looks as desirable as this.  Reminds me, I need a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress too. This particular dress is one of Trunkshow’s bestsellers.


ULLA JOHNSON Elok Belted Vest

This kind of reminds me of a ‘GI’, a martial arts uniform. Before ever having donned it, I can already tell I’ll be feeling girl boss the moment I actually do. I’d wear it with tailored black pants and my skyrocket heels to get ready for my warrior activities, like punching words on a keyboard. 


Valextra Mini Iside Kimono Bag

You guys, I’m sorry this bag is sold out! You must act fast to get the goods you’re lusting after!


SAPIA SIMONE Babel Swimsuit

I cower with the prospect of wearing reds but when you’re at the beach and everyone is bare-skinned and carefree, this is a great swimsuit to blend in with.


CURRENT/ELLIOT The Trilby Pencil Skirt

High-waisted anything! I love this versatile jean skirt. It looks like I can pair lots of nice summery looking tops and blouses with structured silhouettes.  My chosen footwear are slides.


THALE BLANC Jacquard Oval Bloom Clutch

This very Victorian-inspired floral painting forms this clutch’s  standout feature. The ornate clasp seals the deal for me.  I can pretend I’ll be taking it to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding.

CHRISTIE NICOLAIDES Majolica Turquoise Earrings

How amazing are these pottered jewel sea crustaceans! The inspiration comes from the beachy culture of Australia, where I happen to live. There’s no inch of bias here. I’m sure you’ll also agree that they’re completely amazing right?

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