Artis Fluenta Brush Sets: The Future is Flawless

Artis Fluenta Brush Sets

Welcome to the Space Age. We may not have flying cars or homes in the sky, but I’d happily trade either for just one of these sleek, high tech tools!

After retiring from his role of Senior Vice President of Training and Development at MAC Cosmetics, Artis founder Matthew Waitesmith went on to create what I consider the best beauty invention since the lash curler. As he explains it, makeup brushes never really evolved beyond the watercolor paintbrushes they were inspired by. Change was overdue. I’ve always preferred my fingers to brushes for just this reason, and now I’ve finally got something better!

Artis Fluenta Brush Sets

Artis tools are like extensions of your hands. The angled style allows you to completely circumvent the awkward hand positioning that goes along with typical brush. And they’re not just next level in terms of application; these handles are constructed from the same carbon as cars, making them virtually indestructible. Each brush has multiple functions, but my favorite of the whole set is the Oval 6. Not only is it for foundation, it can be used for blush, highlighting, contouring…and when you’re done, you will look Beyoncé flawless.

Artis Fluenta Brush Sets

So what exactly makes it better than the average brush? Hundreds of thousands of man-made fibers serve as the bristles, ensuring that every single drop of product is buffed on to perfection. Like sable brushes, these are nonporous, but they’re better for your skin and so soft, especially my second favorite, the Circle 1R. It’s gentle enough for concealing, eye shadow contouring, or even lips, and I had never even liked lip brushes before. Honestly, what are you supposed to do with those tiny things? This one somehow manages to apply lipstick and gloss within the contours of my pout, so if you like mixing shades, this will help you create your own hue. Some other must-haves are the Oval 4 for eye shadow, the Linear 1 for the most precise of cat eyes (or to contour brows), and the Oval 8 for applying powder, bronzer, or streak-free self-tanner on the body.

The 9-brush set comes in at a cool $400, so if you’re not ready to invest, these few above are the musts to get your collection started. If you can swing it, though, I’d recommend getting the whole group. It’s 20% less if you buy everything at once, plus the set also comes in a satin-lined velvet box with pads that will cleanse and dry your brushes in under five minutes. No doubt, this is a splurge, but it’s worth every penny. I’m giving away all of the makeup brushes I own and will never use anything but Artis on my face or body again! Artis Fluenta 5 brush seticon ($195) and Fluenta 9 brush seticon ($400) available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

Artis Fluenta Brush SetsThe hundreds of thousands of microfibers in the Oval brushes give complete and flawless coverage. I used Armani liquid foundation here. No streaks as with other foundation brushes. And not a single drop of product wasted!

Artis Fluenta Brush SetsOval 6 is my favorite and the most versatile – foundation, blush, contour, highlight…you name it!

Artis Fluenta Brush Sets

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