Ash Wedge Sneakers: Pastel Kicks

Well, snobs, comfort has gotten the better of me. I fought the wedge-sneaker trend until I slipped on a pair of Isabel Marant kicks. Now I’m going full-speed ahead in shoes I can actually jump and dash in! Instantly hooked, I have since amassed a few pairs of pumped-up kicks (including a Velcro pair by Bryan Blake and a pair of Ash hidden-heel trainers in black).

Let’s face it: I am on a plane almost weekly, my kicks have saved me from missing flights, not to mention my back from aching. I may look back on this next year and shake my head, but for now I will indulge in this trend, guilt-free. Especially when they’re as well-priced as Ash’s; a pair of blue-and-white kicks are definitely in my future. At Ash for $250.

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