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Dearest Bag Snob,

I’ve been searching for miles for the perfect bag for uni/college. I need something of a sufficient size that can carry an A4 folder, my wallet and an essential bottle of water, without looking like I’m keeping a member of waif ‘slut pack’ in it. I will be taking it everywhere with me, so the durability of leather is a must, without sacrificing any style points. Can you help?

Much love,

Glamour Geek

college double edith.jpg

Chloe Double Pocket Satchel $1785

college edith.jpg

Chloe Edith Satchel $1560

college mulberry baywater tote.jpg

Mulberry Baywater Tote $995

Dear Glamour Geek,

We had so many great bags to choose from as big bags are a popular trend this season and would double perfectly as college book bags! (but not so big that it’d dwarf you) Since you did not mention your budget we thought we’d suggest bags in different price ranges. We love the double pocket Chloe bag in light gray cuz it just screams collegiate. But if you want something more alternative and hip, the Chloe edith tote is totally fabulous. The roomy outer pocket is perfect for your cell, homework planner, and Hello Kitty pencil case. If you are budget concious, however, we recommend the Mulberry Baywater tote. It’s a classic shape made from sturdy leather that will last you beyond your dorm days.

Good luck!


The Bag Snob


  1. Han
    August 21, 2006 / 9:05 am


    have you checked out fabstuff?

  2. KG
    August 21, 2006 / 10:03 am

    Help me Bag Snob! My husband is going to buy me the YSL Muse bag. Should I go w/ the oversize or large size? I want the oversize because it’s ALL THE RAGE but I’m 5’4″ & 120 lbs. I’m keeping in mind what you said: “You don’t want a bag that dwarfs you.” I really want oversize since it’s HOT but I don’t want to look like a little girl carrying her mommy’s purse either. Oh yeah, I also plan on toting it around like a diaper bag. You probably think my dilemma is dumb but I can’t decide!

    Hi Karla, I suggest you get the large size. You are a fairly petite girl and you do NOT want to look like mighty mouse with a giant bag. The large size is very big so you’ll still be hip to the big bag trend without looking like a fashion victim. I have a 22 month old son so I totally understand the diaper bag dilemma, imgaine how heavy the oversized version will be with diapers/wipes/bottles/toys/snacks in there! Read more on the big bag trend

    Good luck!

    The Bag Snob

  3. Cat
    August 21, 2006 / 4:26 pm

    Hi Bagsnob I love your choices for college bags! I just thought I’d drop a comment and let you know how much I just LOVE your site! =D It’s a shame I can’t afford a bag around 1k, college doesn’t come cheap/easy for me =P

  4. K
    August 22, 2006 / 1:01 am

    Hey, where can I get one of those Hello Kitty pencil cases? I don’t exactly go to school but I think it would be great for lipgloss and stuff.

  5. The Bag Snob
    August 22, 2006 / 2:30 pm

    Hi K,

    These do make great cosmetic bags, I’ve got one that I’ve used for years, make up wipes right off!

    Any self respecting Kitty snob knows that Sanrio shop is the only place to buy Hello Kitty treasures.:)

    It is where I bought my pink hello kitty beach cruiser bicycle (with kitty on the treads), desk accessories, pink croc phone case, and toaster oven that toast kitty’s image onto your bread.


  6. havetohaveit!
    March 30, 2007 / 5:11 am

    please help me bag snob! i’ve been drooling over the chloe edith double pocket satchel in light grey for quite a while now, but i can’t find it anywhere!! do you have any suggestions as to where i can get this gorgeous bag online or in the chicago land area? On sale preferably, but i have to have it, so if it’s not on sale, oh well 🙂

  7. Stacey
    October 1, 2008 / 3:24 pm

    Okay, so I’m er…a year and a half late on this one…Meaning you probably either a) have gotten yourself the Chloe Edith Double Pocket Satchel by now or you found something else instead. BUT just in case, I have one that I bought in late 2006, on sale from Neiman Marcus, that I’m looking to sell–sadly. It’s a gorgeous bag, kind of a distressed grey-green color that I think they describe as “elephant.” I only got to wear it 3 or 4 times before moving from NYC to Western MA with my husband for his work, and it’s simply not a “country” bag…Since I got it on sale, I’m happy to pass on the savings–I’m not looking to make a profit, I just want this lovely bag to be used and enjoyed by someone…So let me know if you’re still looking, and I can send you pics. Thanks!

  8. sandra Nelson
    March 22, 2009 / 11:52 pm

    do you still have the edith double pocket chloe bag for sale?? If so I’d love to buy it.


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