athleisure beauty brands are now a thing

Athleisure is taking over the world! Seriously even half way across the world in Israel I’m seeing brands like L’Urv and Ultracor being sold and widely worn so it only seems natural that athleisure beauty would follow. Basically these are brands marketing beauty products with aesthetically appealing packaging specifically to women (or men…) who workout/looking to lead more healthful lifestyles. It goes hand in hand with the rise in eco-beauty something I’m more and more conscious of now that I’m trying to get pregnant.

First up sweatWELLth, which is currently being splashed all over social media if you follow fitness accounts. They make a tightly edited collection of unisex products like No Sweat, a pre-workout hydrating spray that helps wick away sweat from your body/hair so you’re less weighed down and ready to perform at your max (plus less likely to get sweat in your eyes – a serious problem if you like to workout outdoors like me come summer!). Their line has zero solvents, alcohol, silicones, parabens, sulfates, or GMOs, which again has become increasingly important as I’m trying to get pregnant and realizing how toxic so many things we come into contact with on a daily basis are. They also make Anti Chafing Spray, Post Workout Cleansing Spray, Facial Mist, among other products.

I’m a smoothie not a juice girl (less sugar, more fiber!), but I’ll take some coldpressed goodness when it comes to bodycare. Raw Sugar Living is another awesome brand. Their products are made using coldpressed and certified organic extracts and everything is super affordable (the brand has Yes to vibes). Products retail for $4.99 – $12.99 at Target and include Body Washes, Hand Sanitizer, Body Butters, Hand Washes, Bath Soaps, Sugar Scrubs, as well as Facial Cares. No sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes. Side note my husband has been using the body wash as soap, shampoo and conditioner (*eye roll!) and is loving it.

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