Aurélie Bidermann Pre-Fall 2012 Collection: The City Meets the Sea

Aurélie Bidermann’s well-traveled life is reflected in her jewels. Remnants of her adventures in India, Japan, and Brazil (just look to her famed braided Do Brazil bracelet) are all abounding from the Parisian’s organic, hand-touched pieces.
A lover of vintage clothing, she revels in mixing the past with the present – and it comes across in one of her classics: a big, bold cuff made of lace that’s been dipped in gold. I’m loving the way it’s even more ornate (with a mesh backdrop) for the Pre-Fall season, but I’m particularly captivated by the rough-smooth mélange of gold and blue. It’s so Mediterranean-chic! Whether you’re brazenly bronzed or creamy-pale, the blend is an instant complexion enhancer. I’m inspired to wear these plated, layered necklaces and piece-y drop earrings with a white bikini, rustic sandals, and flowing skirt, doing as Aurelie would: piling it all on and letting my jewels speak for me!
Available at Grange Hall in Dallas, Texas.
Contact 214-443-0600 or visit

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