Baby Bullet Food System: The Need to Feed

For the last couple of years, the Bebea baby food processor has been the savvy mom’s go-to when it comes to early nutrition. But moms of new babies now tell me there’s a new and more organized system. I think every mother can agree, the very last thing you need is more work!

The all-inclusive set comes with: a user guide and manual, a pocket-sized nutritionist (so you know you’re doing your tot right), spatula, batchbowl, powerbase, cups and stay-fresh lids, a milling and a “baby blend” blade, batch tray, and six date-dial storage cups, so you can prepare all of your tot’s food for days ahead. With steps as easy as one-two-three and a cute, upbeat design to match, the Baby Bullet food system makes it easy to cook, process, and store healthy, homemade baby food so you can spend more time with the little ones. At Toys ‘R’ Us for $59.99 (for 20-piece set).

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