Bag-All: Custom, Monogramed, and ready-to-buy storage solutions

The name, Bag-All, says it all. I’m obsessed with this brand’s stylish storage solutions. Seriously, if anything can make a clutter bug want to organize their apartment/closet, it would be these bags! They look even cuter in person and are one of the most affordable, stylish ways to store and organize everything from vitamins and makeup to clothing and accessories. They even have chic wine carriers that make great hostess gifts (and cut down on wrapping paper waste). Almost everything can be personalized, monogramed or customized. They have dozens of options that are sold separately, but you can save with their bundles. The Resort Getaway one stands out as the most useful one to me ($69). It’s perfect to keep everything organized on trips, especially when you know you won’t be unpacking your luggage. I also find the bags useful to keep things organized in my closet. Shopbop has a ton of options, which is great for when you’re looking to shop one of their promos, but if you’re looking for custom options and monogramming checkout their website.

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