Balenciaga Mini Le Dix Cartable Bag: Refresher Course

Balenciaga Mini Le Dix Cartable Bag

All it takes is a simple tweak (or two) to make an old bag brand-new again. Balenciaga’s choice to outfit their Le Dix Cartable bag with white piping is more than enough to revive, refresh, and reinvigorate my interest in the style all over again. This original incarnation of the time-tested bag is pure and simple. Now it feels exciting. There’s something so powerful about the effect of black leather punctuated with high-contrast white accents, especially on this particular design, a bag that’s ladylike in spirit, modern in attitude, and classic at its core.

There’s also an age-old lesson to be learned here: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with a little cosmetic update every now and again. Call it aesthetic maintenance. Botox for your bag! It just goes to show, a rather minimal change-up can have the maximum effect. Balenciaga Mini Le Dix at Browns Fashionicon for $1,290.

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Balenciaga Mini Le Dix Cartable Bag

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