Balmain Brocade Dress


I can’t stop staring at this dress.  There is so much going on, kind of like Disneyland– if you blink, you see something entirely new.  I have been digesting this dress for a week now and have decided, I freakin’ love its Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club flair!  And mad for the chintzy brocade Decarnin used.  It’s all genius and crazy fun, what fashion should be about.  It wasn’t until I actually bought a Balmain piece that I understood its price point.  Each piece of garment is treated like couture (which in that case, you’re actually getting a bargain).  The details are insane and the fit, forget about it.  Unfortunately, my husband does not get it so I’ll have to love this from afar….

BALMAIN – BROCADE DRESS for $22,225.50

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