Balmain High-Waisted Quilted Suede Skirt: What Goes Around Comes Around

Vintage Versace…or brand-new Balmain? Without closely examining the embellishments on this suede skirt, it’s a tough call. Either way, the price is anything but retro. And you know only Balmain would charge over $6,000 for a miniskirt – such exorbitance can’t be good karma!
Still, the look is considerably fresh, too. Definitive yet relaxed, a sculpted, cinched waist that cradles you all the way up to your rib cage feels so of-the-moment. So does the feel of eighties-Versace excess. Impeccable stitching allover the suede is countered by flashy gold hardware – it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, and that’s just the idea. As much I appreciate the aesthetic, which is a bit Mudd Club (as in, the young days of Madonna in the East Village) meets “Dynasty,” I’d rather troll vintage shops like Resurrection and What Goes Around Comes Around and try to score the original.
On Net-a-Porter for $6,450.

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