Beaba “To Each Their Own” Food Storage: Waste Not, Want Not


My boy was never a picky eater. He was, however, always a big eater who loved variety (like mother, like son!). Each meal had to have at least three or four different options, and preferably in different colors (this is why he now loves fruits and veggies). I wish I’d had these great portion storage trays by Beaba for our long haul trips to Europe and Asia. They’re practical, handy, and appealing (pick from green, orange, blue, or pink) – the container even looks kind of like a flower.

Each tray has seven individual ¼ portion cups that can be used for snacks, storing food, or even freezing pureed baby food. Made from flexible, BPA-free silicone, they are dishwasher and microwave safe. They’re definitely great for on-the-go moms and tots – and even for stay-at-home ones who need the enticement of a fun serving dish to get those veggies down! At the Land of Nod for $19.95.

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