Beating bloat and boosting digestion

No one wants to look like they have a fetus growing in their belly when they don’t (especially if you’re trying to get pregnant, like I am). Even though my diet is healthy and full of fiber, a recent CT scan showed that I have a few things going on in my belly that make me prone to bloating (think hernia and all kinds of other fun stuff…). I’ve been experimenting these last few months (see here for a post about colonics) and I’m finding a few things to work: high fiber/high protein (ie low net carb) protein mixes which I use for pancakes (more on why pancakes vs smoothie below), turmeric supplements, and probiotic supplements.

First up turmeric. I would use this in my cooking, but I really don’t love the taste of turmeric and I’m always staining things when I do end up using it. Further, it’s not something I’d ever use every day, even if I did like it. A supplement is a great way around this and I love Well Told Health‘s because it’s 100% vegan and made with nothing but organic turmeric – no fillers. As you probably know there’s a lot of crap (sorry there’s no better way to put it!) out there when it comes to supplements and it can be hard to know what to go for. Well Told has a carefully edited assortment of totally filler-free products (some of the leading brand’s supplements have things like lead in them!!!).

Health experts often swear by daily probiotics and for good reason, but here too the market is full of junk. Many options aren’t filled with enough (or any!) of all the necessary good strains of bacteria and many require refrigeration which is annoying especially if you travel a lot. I love Kimberly Snyder because you know anything she endorses you can trust – no research required. This is a woman who was talking about raw food over a decade ago before most of us had any idea what that even was. She has a great probiotic. Genuine Health is in the same boat. Their products are reliable and include a number of gut health boosting products in addition to probiotics. Neither of these require refrigeration.

The third pillar is I now make myself a pancake every morning after I workout (I always workout on an empty stomach as that is how your body burns fat for fuel). The reason I make a pancake is that I find that when I make a smoothie…I still want food! Even if it’s a dense one. Pancakes feel indulgent, even if they’re not. The ones I make have 4 egg whites (large eggs), 1/2 tsp. baking powder, one scoop of Navitas Organics Detox and one scoop of a high fiber, high protein, low carb protein mix. It’s very important here to look at ingredients. You DO NOT want things like high fructose corn syrup in your protein blends and most of the common ones do along with a ton of other added sugar and chemicals. A lot of them are also made with soy protein (usually GMO) or whey (many people have trouble digesting this). Below are some favorites!

The taste here is very subtle, which is great even though it’s important to note that protein from coconuts isn’t complete protein – still a great source, especially for vegetarians. Also no added sugar here. This one is actually my absolute favorite to make pancakes, waffles, cakes etc with because you get the fiber, protein, and texture but none of the typical artificial taste so I can use this, egg white, baking powder and blueberries and get the most delicious post workout meal!

The nutritionals of this Optimum Nutrition are awesome and the ingredients are organic. Though it looks like your standard body builder protein powder in that huge jar, it has none of the questionable fillers like artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, but it does have that “protein powder” taste. If you like that strong chocolate or vanilla scent/flavor you’ll love this, but if you want something subtle, this won’t work (ie it can overpower most of the other ingredients so it works best just with water in my opinion). 

I’m obsessed with Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Yeast (best alternative to cheese for DIY pizzas and such!) and their Protein & Fiber Nutritional Booster is another winner with only 2 net carbs and just 1 gram of sugar.

I haven’t tried this blend from Sakara Life yet but it has just 1 net carb and 1 gram of sugar and, as with everything they make, only clean ingredients are to be found.

F-Factor and its founder, Tanya Zuckerbrot, are the best for healthy inspiration in my opinion (check them both out on social media). They recently launched protein powders with 20 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein and just 3 net carbs. There is no powder I’ve found that has 20 grams of fiber! It’s also lower in calories than many other options. It sold out super quickly so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but more on it when I do (they are also launching low net carb bars soon).

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