Beauty Gets a Personalized Touch

Personalized beauty used to mean lipstick with an engraving or a special color blend, but these days with the help of technology and machine learning personalization is going seriously next level – we’re talking using your actual DNA to help you pinpoint the exact products that will best suit your complexion or a new line that creates 3-D-printed sheet masks using facial-recognition technology via an app (this will be launching later this year by Neutrogena – note this is different than the recently recalled masks)…they will even be able to put different ingredients on different facial zones!

So what are the standouts worth keeping your eyes on? For starters there’s Atolla, which just launched last week. Co-founded by an MIT graduate, Atolla is an app that is not only designed to give you a serum specifically compatible with your complexion, but to predict how your skin will change over time thereby preventing things like breakouts and redness. Atolla uses adhesives that you apply to your skin and mail in. These are used to determine things like oil and moisture levels in the skin. You will also be asked to answer a list of questions pertaining to your skin, environment, and lifestyle. Each month your skin is reassessed and as the algorithm gets to know you better the personalization should improve.

Skintelli is another standout. The company is focused on recommending skincare ingredients and products based on your DNA. The steps are easy – just stick collection adhesives on your face as directed and send them in (just like you do with Atolla). You’ll get a snapshot of your current skin quality, personalized guidance on what ingredients you should pay attention to in skincare products, and personalized recommendations for products currently on the market.

These are just two of what I predict will be countless brands flooding the market as this sector begins to explode. Let’s hope we’re getting closer to a quick-fix, at-home solution to acne and wrinkles!


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