beauty gift guide: save edition

If you asked me what I would want for the holidays – besides time with my family – it would be a facial appointment at Heyday. I’ve been raving about them since I went to their LA location because I’m not a facial person at all! I’m always worried I will breakout, but because my skin was so dry and I had no humidifier I went for it. I’m so glad I did. For anyone that needs a glowing boost with the change in weather, I would highly recommend it. They work with a variety of brands so they can truly customize a facial for you ($65-$140).
Karuna makes a number of masks ($12-$18), a great alternative if a facial is outside of the budget.
I know acne products aren’t sexy and you certainly can’t give them to everyone, but if you know someone like me who loves nothing more than a spot treatment or anything that’s oil-free – and is open about it – consider this spot gel ($38)! It’s sulfur-based so really good for those big, stubborn ones.
Just pop this Olay eye cream ($24.96) in the fridge and it will feel great on those tired eyes in the morning!
Another thing I can appreciate as I get older – how precious hair is. Back in the day if I was too lazy to brush out a knot, I just ripped it out!! I cringe at that habit now. I’m so tempted to try hair growth products but because I’m doing fertility treatments I can only focus on getting haircare products that will keep what I have healthy. GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo ($22) and GrandeHAIR Peptide Conditioner ($23) fit the bill and while they’re certainly pricier than run-of-the-mill drugstore brands, a little goes a long way with these – just make sure you ring the water out of your hair before applying.
Nubian Heritage makes a long list of great budget products, including a lot of ready-to-gift ones like the above bath bombs ($14.99). Just make sure if you opt for the bath bombs the person you’re buying them for has a bathtub that’s actually nice enough to take a bath in! Maybe it’s because I’m from NYC, but it’s certainly not a given…
Even Art of Shaving uses Gillette for their razors so if there was any doubt now you can be certain…they’re great despite their drugstore status! This gift set retails for just under $20 and it’s something that pretty much any guy can use.
Harry’s is another brand that all men seem to love and they have a few gift set options for men ($20-$35), all of which look way more expensive than they are.
I don’t need to tell you about the cult following of Game of Thrones (as a non-fan and I went to Croatia last summer and saw it first hand!). If you’re shopping for a super-fan beeline straight for the HBO store where they have collectible – and surprisingly affordable – items like this Game of Thrones Royal Reserve Collection. They also have a ton of merch from shows like Westworld, Silicon Valley, Veep, and Big Little Lies.
Lumene is a clean beauty line you can actually afford. Not only that, the products feel and look great. They have a number of holiday gift sets perfect for anyone looking for a ready-to-gift beauty item.

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