beauty gift guide: splurge edition

There’s nothing scarier than getting older and realizing just how precious time is. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my parents and how I can maximize our time together. It especially weighs on my mind because very often I’m not in the same city as they are. There is literally nothing that makes my parents happier than when I’m just hanging out in their apartment. I’ve also been sending/leaving them cards. My mom saves everything (obsessed with these from Edward’s). I can’t buy time, but I do also love pampering them, especially because my mother is prone to panic attacks and my father is still working a high stress job. There’s nothing better than beauty buys! Screw anyone who says it’s superficial! Taking care of ourselves physically by using great products, staying active, and eating healthfully all go together. Here’s a look at some amazing buys to treat all those you love most!

Cire Trudon, $55-95

Move aside Diptyque because when it comes to luxury candles, it’s Cire Trudon all the way. Not only do they smell amazing (and that smell is long-lasting), but they look gorgeous. They’re stocked at retailers like Barneys if you’re looking to pick a scent in person. The black is pictured above, but they have vessels in other colors as well to match with the style of who you’re shopping for.

Lumira, $65

OK so clearly I love black! Even my Venus Et Fleur are black….but like Cire Trudon, Lumira candles are available in other colors as well. Fragrances are so powerful that it’s worth featuring two gorgeous candles. When someone invites me for dinner and I walk into their home and it smells amazing, that memory always stays with me. You don’t need a million candles to intoxicate a room with a fantastic scent. If you buy a good quality one, it only takes one! And that scent will develop and stay put very quickly.

Skandinavisk, $65

I was tempted to feature another candle, but I’ll hold myself back (check them out though!) and show off this beautiful diffuser instead. Diffusers are great for bathrooms. The first room most of us go into in the morning is a bathroom so having one that smells great can really impact how the day gets going. I’m obsessed with all things Scandinavian design and this brand’s products not only reflect the understated style, but they’re inspired by the culture in both scents and names.

Compagnie de Provence, $23

A great complement to a diffuser, is this hand soap from Compagnie de Provence – or really anything from this French brand (and yes, it’s actually made in France!). If you know someone who loves L’Occitane, they’ll love everything from this brand. Both brands have the same artisanal vibe.

Cuvee Beauty, $45

I mean… this product sells itself!

Oribe, $105

I got a sample of Côte d’Azur Eau de Parfum, but in hindsight I could have assumed I would love it. Not only do all of Oribe’s products smell amazing, but the base of this scent is sandalwood, vetiver, amber…my favorite woody notes! It’s such a sexy, perfectly balanced scent. It’s unisex and truly works for both sexes.

Bobbi Brown, $99

The Ready, Set, Party Deluxe Eye & Cheek Palette (limited edition) is one of the few holiday beauty sets that’s pretty much filler-free. It includes: 12 Eye Shadows, 1 Bronzing Powder, 1 Blush, 1 Highlighting Powder, Ink Liner, Smokey Eye Mascara, Angle Eye Shadow Brush and Blush Brush. It’s a mix of full-size and mini. The only thing I wish it has was a sponge…so maybe at a Beauty Blender as a stocking stuffer.

Farsali, $54

Liquid Glass is a cult product (checkout this video) meant to be used as a face product before or after applying your makeup. I’m almost embarrassed to say given that I write so much about beauty, but I wasn’t familiar with it. Turns out it’s a social media craze for good reason! It’s formulated with powerful actives so it can replace your serum (hyaluronic acid), but leaves you dewy for an after facial glow.

A good friend of mine has severe tooth discoloration. She’s always complaining about it. Normally I wouldn’t gift someone a whitening kit or an acne kit or something of that nature, even if they need it, because there’s nothing worse than knowing you have a problem and have someone else point it out, but if someone is open about it and really looking for a solution…help them! I love this kit because it’s actually effective – more-so than stripes – and at least for me, didn’t cause the painful sensitivity I had with stripes.
I wasn’t sure if I should post this as a splurge or save because while it is $110, you’re getting a lot for that money. This set comes with four essential products: exfoliator, eye cream, micellar water, and night treatment and all of the products are consciously crafted with a social mission. So I guess it’s a splurge you should buy in multiples:)

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