Beauty Trend: Crystal Infused Beauty Products

When you think of crystals in beauty products your mind probably jumps to The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection from La Prairie, but crystals are increasingly being used in beauty products because of their supposed energetic healing properties. In most cases the crystals are ground and mixed into products to also help illuminate the skin (usually via exfoliation given the crystals’ texture) because we all like to see visible proof of effectiveness beyond just better energy!

Here’s a look at the brands leading the crystal pack.

The founder of Earthling Beauty calls her products “portable gardens,” needless to say this a totally chemical-free, all-natural line.

Gemstone Organics blends botanical skincare formulas with gemstone elixirs.

Traditional brands are also using crystals in their products like, for example, Glow by Dr. Brandt Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme, which contains micronized ruby crystals that help brighten your complexion.

Bath crystals are the most fitting use of crystals in skincare in my opinion. Check these out from Herbivore Botanicals.  I bought these for my mother when she was going through a rough patch and she loves using them in her baths.

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