Beauty Trends: Eyebrow Wigs

The beauty industry is always buzzing with interesting trends (vajazzling anyone?), but the latest one is actually a trick that theatrical makeup artists have been using for years – eyebrow wigs aka stick-on brows made from real hair. “Eyebrow wigs stem from the same techniques as lace-front wigs or building a mustache, beard, or other facial hair,” says GLAMSQUAD Director of Artistry, Kelli J. Bartlett. “It’s a bold but temporary option for those that don’t want to attempt micro-blading or more intense tattooing. If it makes you feel more confident, go for it!”

However she advices that you should definitely do a test patch with the adhesive because it’s a stronger formula then most people are used to. I’ve yet to see any of these up-close, but I’m told they can look very natural making them a great option for women who are having trouble growing out there brows.

If you’re not into the idea of a wig, another way to make your brows pop is with a golden highlight (Manic Panic Dye Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel, $9.99). Looks like Halloween to me, but if you’re feeling bold it could be fun for a night out.

Highlighting is also an option with some glitter along the brow bone (Glam Dust, $8.99).

Would you try any of these trends? 

Lead Photo: Christine Hahn

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