Beauty Trend: Copper Eyes


I am usually not a fan of the coppery look because I think it makes even the youngest and brightest of girls look tired. It’s an especially difficult shade to carry off if you have fair skin like Ashley Simpson-Wentz.  However, I love it on Leighton Meester’s honey toned skin!  She has a subtle touch of copper cream shadow on– which is what I prefer when it comes to metallics.  Cream based metallics last longer and won’t dry or crease into the lines around the eyes.  My favorite is Bobbi Brown‘s cream eye shadow pots (both Kelly and I love because it stays on, all night)!  There are 8 new fall shades that you must go check out–Chrome Patina, Brown Metal, Starry Night, Black Pearl, Starry Purple, Antique Gold, Goldstone and Mercury.

Retail Price: $22.00

  If you prefer a shadow, there is also a high pigment shadow from Bobbi called Bonfire: a gorgeous copper bronze.  There is free shipping with every $65 order!




  1. August 31, 2009 / 9:32 pm

    I’ve gotta say that I’m not feeling it. The copper reflects and their eyes look puffy. They look like they’ve pulled an all nighter!

  2. September 1, 2009 / 11:14 am

    i’ve always been a fan of laura mercier’s metallic eye creams but i would like to try out bobbi brown’s. the pot to me just seems more user friendly than the tube form laura mercier has. thanks for tip! 😉

  3. September 18, 2009 / 3:27 pm

    Cooper looks great on a tanned skin, tested this myself.

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