Best Culottes Under $50: Calm, Cool, and Culotted


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I dabble in culotte evangelism, and while my hubby has yet to appreciate the shaggy chic style, there’s no denying that these artfully tailored pants are trending. They may seem like a lot of fabric to take on – especially for a petite Snob like myself – but as long as you sport them with a crop top or fitted shirt (see: Kelly’s rules of pairing), then you’ve got the sartorial balancing act down pat. Don’t believe me? Invest in a frugally-priced pair! I promise, after even one wear, you’ll be spreading the good word about culottes too…


ASOS Linen Culottes (on ASOS for $40)


ASOS Culottes With D Ring Belt (on ASOS for $45)


ASOS Cropped Pants in Jersey (on ASOS for $40)


ASOS Culotte Pant With Tie Waist Detail (on ASOS for $50)


Zara Culottes (at Zara for $49.90)

Best Culottes Under $50

Zara Cropped Trousers (at Zara for $35.99, from $49.90)


Zara Cropped Trousers (at Zara for $35.99, from $49.90)

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