Best of Celeb Bags From Paris Couture Week Fall 2018

Contrary to what you might think, we are not over Paris Couture Week (yet!). As half the world watches the World Cup Finals this morning, we thought we would give the other half something to do – peruse and pine for beautiful bags.

The week wasn’t just about Kaia Gerber strutting for Valentino wearing a big feathery gown with fake voluminous hair, however (and in case you’re not up to speed with new up and comers, Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s thoroughbred daughter and she’s coming into her own, one fashion footstep at a time).  It was also about what the front row notables and street style stars were carrying. Paris haute couture is one of those global fashion events that offers a wellspring of inspo on the catwalk but they’re notably fancy and absent with bags.  There’s a reason why front row has a pivotal place in our bag loving hearts. Many of us won’t ever be potential ‘clients’ of these haute runway clothes but with bags, we can be! 

As is the standard practice, most brands showing haute couture collections from Chanel to Mui Mui to Dior, outfitted chosen celebs with their bags to get us excited about their respective brands, in general. Dior especially stood out for me: they’re seriously championing the return of the Dior saddle bag and it’s tickling my fancy in the way that it’s inspired by something whose sole function is to cushion our backside. 

Below is a glamorous ragtag list of what constitutes some of our faves. It’s a late list, but I hope you’ll agree that it’s better than never! 

Karlie KlossLady Dior

This whole look is really hitting all the right notes for me. It’s very lady-ish but not stuffy or frumpy at all.



Kate BosworthDior Saddle Bag

Here’s Kate Bosworth with her husband, seen contributing to the return of the Dior Saddle bag. Isn’t it giving you some nostalgic vibes? It’s a lesson learnt. Most things come back full circle in fashion.


Katie Holmes Dior D Fence bag

Have you wondered what Katie Holmes daughter, Suri is up to? It seemed only yesterday Suri was in our peripherals with her very own fashion clout. Daughter and mom do make a cute duo.



Do you know why I love Katie Holmes? She honors her bag wearing duties even if it looks a touch out of sync with her whole look. “To hell with it”, she’s clearly thinking. That’s something that I’m very good with too, but granted I don’t have paps following me so I can’t really claim that boast.


Mandy MooreFendi Peekaboo

Mandy Moore has recently come back to the fashion surface with the acclaim of her This is Us series. She’s evolved her look into a very wearable style that’s not too high fashion. Like me and you could totally adopt.


Liya Kebede  Sonia Rykiel Pave Parisien bag

You might not be familiar with the Victoria Secret supermodel, against bigger personalities like Adrianna Lima. She’s no less gorgeous, though. One of her Instagram posts was a pic of “Overthinking” written on a door,  which I see as shining a light on a modern generation of worriers, and we all should just chill out.  She’s carrying what I believe to be a Sonia Rykiel Pave Parisien bag, which looks like a cool little suitcase (more to come in another post).



Olivia Palermo, Dior Saddle Bag

Olivia Palermo always does things with panache. I’m not surprised why Dior chose her as one of its walking PR muses. There’s always some eclectic indeterminable ‘something’ that makes her pull an effortless style. I do know she has a thing for brogues, and this looks like a feminine version of it.


Lily Collins – Mattelassé leather cross-body bag


Patricia Manfield

Lastly, because I couldn’t resist some street style. This is Patricia Manfield (an Italian blogger and musician) on Day 2 of Paris Couture week.  If you’re loving the off-shoulder blazer as much as I do, it’s by Dior, but of course you can find more affordable options on places like Lyst.

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