Best of Couture

While we were all at the beach and pretending that the heat wasn’t slowly driving us insane, Paris Couture delivered some of the coolest collections of the year. As usual Chanel knocked it out of the park, but the real surprises were the smaller houses like Atelier by Fang. Let’s hear it for the little guys!

There were a few trending styles this season, but one of my favorites was the return to simplicity. From Givenchy, that brought back the smoking pant, to Stephanie Rolland’s classic couture collection that was distinctly wearable, everything felt luxuriously accessible.



Photo courtesy Vogue


Stephanie Rolland


Atelier by Fang, Aganovich, and Alexandre Vauthier all embraced the little black and white dress, but each with their own take on the bold look.


Atelier by Fang






Alexandre Vauthier



Of course, it wouldn’t be Couture in Paris without Chanel. There are, dare I say, too many positively perfect looks to choose one or two that define the collection. It was certainly one of the best shows of the season, and I haven’t stopped thinking about how the house was able to weave together 60s chic and modern sensibility since the photos hit the internet.



Believe me when I say that getting lost in couture is one of the best ways to spend the summer.

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