Best summer beach bag reads

I’m loving the GOOP podcast. Recently Gwyneth Paltrow interviewed Sarah Jessica Parker and they spent a great deal of time talking about their love of books. This last year or so I’ve scaled back my reading because I’ve become so addicted to podcasts but – ironically – listening to this particular one gave me a serious jones to pick up a book. If you’re in the same boat and looking for a light, but entertaining and/or lifestyle informing summer read, here are some you might want to consider!

I just finished the book Fitness Junkie at the suggestion of a friend and while it’s somewhat predictable, not always realistic, and full of stereotypes, it’s totally entertaining especially if you’re as obsessed with the wellness industry as I am.

If you’re looking to boost your health and/or lose weight, there’s no better book than the F-Factor Diet. It was released over a decade ago, but just updated. It’s full of actual SCIENCE (easy to understand) and focuses on long-term – not short term – success by giving the tools to eat without hunger or deprivation. The key is not to cut out carbs, but to focus on fiber-rich carbs and pairing protein and fiber at every meal. Checkout the book and recipes to find out why and how! 

A house guest recently gave me The Seven Good Years as a thank you. He was staying with me in my Tel Aviv apartment so this memoir, by an Israeli writer, was particularly fitting. This is a fantastic read that is at once emotional, thought provoking and humorous (the seven good years refers to the seven years between the birth of the author’s son and the passing of his father).

Tim Ferriss is awesome. He’s on the short list of people I would love but be totally intimidated to meet. His ability to turn himself into a human science experiment and to do in depth research on topics ranging from body optimization to work optimization is astounding. In Tribe of Mentors he turns to over 130 over-achievers to help us learn from the best. I don’t know that I actually took away a huge number of actionable insights, but I loved reading thoughts from so many amazing people. 

Not to get back to podcasts buut How Hard Can It Be? reminds me of the Second Life podcast meets the show Younger.  It’s basically the story of a woman embarking on her second life. She’s almost 50 with two kids and a husband who quits his job and is now spending their money on his own self improvement. Her second life starts with looking for a new job (which ends up being at a hedge fund she once founded) and is filled with lots of – often very funny – adventures along the way.

Not to be a tease because this book doesn’t come out till the fall, but #fashionvictim is the perfect read when Fashion Week ennui sets in – it’s a murder mystery set in the Instagram age fashion industry, written by a former editor.

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