Best Vegan Leather Clothes: It’s Not just a Diet

Best Vegan Leather Clothes

Leather is having a big year in fashion – leather leggings, skirts, accents, you name it! But I know there are some of you Snobs out there who don’t wear leather a la Stella McCartney. So, I’ve scoured the stores to find vegan alternatives in every form (thank you, Free People!). Bonus: vegan leather is a lot less expensive than the real thing! And I promise you – not many people will be able to tell the difference.

Free People Vegan Leather with Knit Rib Jacket: A leather jacket is an absolute staple in any wardrobe. This one gives you all the urban cool with the warmth of a knit lining. On ShopBop for $117.60 (from $168).

Free People Skinny Ankle Jeans with Vegan Leather Tuxedo Trim: I love a leather accent – this tuxedo trim makes a basic pair of black skinnies into boho fun. At Asos for $118.73 (from $158.31).

One by Boundary Vegan Imitation Leather Skirt: A cute pleated miniskirt gets a jumpstart from oxblood leather. Throw on some pumps for the perfect girly/edgy combo. On ShopBop for $99.

Free People Vegan Leather Shorts: Pair these cherry red daisy dukes with some cowboy boots for a little south of the Mason-Dixon line flair. On ShopBop for $68.60.

Free People Vegan Leather Dress: The rough lining on this LBD takes a backseat to the feminine embroidered collar. How convenient is it when your necklace is already built into your outfit?? At Nordstrom for $118.80 (from $198).

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  1. December 15, 2012 / 1:58 am

    Here is in Australia, I’ve only heard of faux leather handbags or purses. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear leather out of choice SO I don’t notice faux leather in clothes. But what you’ve shown here in this post, is just magic…vegan leather jeans, jackets, shorts ans skirts. Wow – thanks for opening my eyes.

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