Oily, Dry, and Colored Hair


There was an article in the NY Times a few days ago about how those that travel between homes find it hard not to forget things. It being summer and my going back-and-forth between NYC and the Hamptons I can definitely relate to this. I actually have been cutting-back on my trips because the packing and making sure I have everything stresses me out!!! Anyway, I feel really lucky in that writing about beauty products constantly gives me an excuse to try-out new products. So, I decided to leave a few things-out East to try when I’m there (and lighten my travel load!). I’ve been dying to talk about 3 AMAZING shampoos and conditioners that I’ve tried-out lately. I bet you’re thinking I’m going to include Bumble & Bumble which I always tout as my favorite, but I’ve discovered some fab rivals for dry, oily, and colored hair — See more after the jump!


I loooove fresh. Everything about their products is so light, lady-like, and fittingly fresh! Their Milk & Rose Shampoo (floral scent $26), Soda Shampoo (I thought for some reason, since this is formulated with bicarbonate of soda that it would bubble in my hair!! Rest-assured it doesn’t and the grapefruit smell is delicious, $26), and Pomegranate Conditioner (I love the pomegranate and it’s long-lasting, you only need a touch for dangle-free hair, and it protects your hair from the sun!, $26), are wonderful options and suitable for all hair-types.


If you’re looking for something specifically for highlighted hair ted gibson clarity color shampoo ($26) and conditioner ($26) is the way to go (they have another popular line called individual color that actually deposits temporary color while moisturizing your hair which is great for those who are looking for increased longevity between visits to the stylists — personally though, I prefer the smell of clarity and I found it to work just as well on my hair). The line does a wonderful job at repairing (no burnt-hair-look with this), and preserving color, while adding some shine (which I love..gives my highlights a sun-kissed glow). Both clarity color products are Asian Pear-scented (my favorite fruit!).


Lastly, Frederic Fekkai is truly a great buy, especially for dry and damaged hair (I love the signature wedgwood-esque blue!). My favorites are Frederic Fekkai Moisturizing Shampoo with Shea Butter

(this one is especially great when I’m out East and my hair gets to be somewhat of a frizzy mess! $22.50) and their Lightweight Glossing Conditioner (ultra-lightweight and formulated with Olive Oil. This one has a nice glossy finish without weighing your hair down, $23).

Shampoos and conditioners are so undervalued. They can make such a difference, especially for very short and long hair. For me, besides wanting shine, my hair is always in my face, so I love all of the above not only for their amazing properties, but for how delicious they leave my hair smelling!


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  1. August 7, 2008 / 5:31 pm

    I’m so glad that you mentioned the Fresh shampoos – they are my absolute fave. Love, love, love!!

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