Birdwell Boardshorts: Making Waves

Birdwell Boardshorts

I lived in Southern California as a teenager, which meant Huntington Beach was the hangout for us. Forget football players – it was all about the surfers! Back then, I rode my Schwinn beach cruiser everywhere, sometimes with friends sitting on the handlebars. (These days, I would never allow the boy to ride a bike anywhere by himself, let alone with a friend crouched on the handlebars! Those were different times…) My friends and I were all about wearing boys’ surf shorts. Not necessarily because we wanted to be tomboys, but because girls’ board shorts were hard to come by.

I’m stoked that Birdwell, a classic brand founded in 1961, now makes women’s shorts. Better late than never, right? Cut and cropped to a length that suits a surf Snob’s body (or any beach-loving Betty, for that matter), they are the perfect juxtaposition to your bitty bikini or plunging one-piece. Birdwell boardshorts at Birdwell for $79.

Wear with: Lisa Marie Fernandez has a knack for nailing neoprene swimsuits with a modern edge. Her ruffle-topped bikini brings femininity to the beachy mix. On Shopbop for $445.

Birdwell Boardshorts

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  1. Joannie
    June 1, 2015 / 10:52 am

    Lol – beach cruisers! yes thise were carefree times.

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