Birthday Cake Treats

I have a love-hate relationship with food-scented body products. On one hand there’s nothing I love more than the smell of a strawberry margarita or some birthday cake, but on the other hand those smells — especially lathered all over my body — make me want to jump out of the shower and straight into my kitchen! That said I’m a total sucker for cutesy products and there’s something fun in being able to walk-out of my apartment being like “mmm I smell like a delicious piece of birthday cake!” (so sexy, right:-)! Well, at the very least a great conversation starter…). Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren (who, on a side note, I saw in person at the Boom Boom Room in NYC recently — the man looks is he 70!??), owns a candy shop (more like an empire given that it takes-up a whole NYC corner and 3 floors), that has a line of Birthday Cake-themed body products. More after the jump!  

The line includes —

I love Dylan’s packaging way more than what I’ve seen from Philosophy and the smell is a lot more frosty and delicious than Philosophy’s Birthday Cake Batter 3-in-1 product. Also how fun are these to give as a birthday present? Gift sets and other scents are also available!


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