Jewels for your man

I usually do not like men who wear jewelry but if done subtly, it can be a very appealing look. Like the industrial 18k, black rubber, ceramic and stainless bracelets above; they’re young, hip (perfect for my brothers!) and very masculine. I can see this on Brad Pitt, he loves jewelry and carries it off fabulously without looking feminine or tacky. My husband, on the other hand, hates any kind of jewelry and only wears his platinum wedding band. Maybe it’s the ex-football player in him but he thinks jewelry belong on women (hey, I am not complaining!) and I am certain he would laugh if I ever bought him any jewelry (other than cufflinks or watches) but if your guy is open to a little bling, this is the perfect Valentine’s gift. Mens Bracelet with 18K Gold Screws and Black Rubber

Mens Stainless Steel and Ceramic Bracelet


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