BOB books: Look mama I can read the whole book!


bobbooksmat.jpgMy son brought home a book called “MAT” last year from his pre-school library and read the entire book to me while I made his snack. He was so proud of himself and begged me to take him to the store to buy the entire BOB books series. He now reads 4 books comfortably and I wish I could take credit for his brilliance (what mother doesn’t think her child is a genius!?!?) but I am not the type of mom who works with flash cards or forces my little one to memorize the alphabet. I believe in playing with him and teaching him things as part of the game. 

The BOB books also make it fun to learn to read with a step-by-step, book-by-book program to guide your child gently through the early stages of reading. Each level addresses a stage in a child’s reading development which builds confidence in our little ones as they advance from each stage.  Each night, my son reads to my hubby before choosing books for us to read to him. It’s so cute and fun! If your little one is ready to start reading, you must get the BOB books!

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