Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette


I got the Denim & Rose palette a couple of weeks ago even though it doesn’t launch until July (even Bobbi herself was surprised I had it already– hello, a beauty snob has her connections ;). This limited edition palette is housed in a hip little denim zippered case which makes it the perfect travel companion (no more messy spills from broken compacts!). I love me a sexy smoky eye and the deep glittering blues and icy grays in the palette are gorgeous highlighted with pale pink. Bobbi doesn’t do pale white cheeks and lips with a dark eye, she still likes fresh rosy cheeks and lips which takes the smoky eye from gothic to pretty (powerful I might add!) Sorry, could not resist that pun! But make sure it’s a light wash of color and not bright pink cheeks cuz that would be too clown-like.

During the day I use the icy gray only but if I have a luncheon I’ll add a touch of denim blue at the outer corners blended really well for a hint of drama. Come evening I just blend more blue to the rest of my lids et voila, instant rock star (my only groupie is a 5 year old but hey, you gotta start somewhere!)

Denim & Rose Palette is $60.00 and available at Bobbi Brown website and cosmetic counters worldwide in July. Go play with this and tell me what you think!

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