Bone Broth Smoothies Are Now A Thing

You’ve probably heard the buzz around bone broth (in NYC there are entire eateries dedicated to it now!), but maybe you don’t know exactly what it is – and if the benefits are all they’re made out to be. To start, bone broth is exactly what it sounds like: a broth made with animal bones and simmered for hours. It’s said to have a long list of benefits that support the health of the entire body – and who doesn’t love to hit multiple birds with one stone?

“It’s packed with amino acids, minerals, nutrients, collagen and gelatin that support the immune system, promote a healthy digestion by healing and sealing the gut and strengthen bones, skin, nails and hair,” says Meredith Cochran, co-founder and CEO of The Osso Good Co. and author of “The 7 Day Bone Broth Diet Plan.”  “Bone broth is also known to reduce inflammation and joint pain while boosting energy levels and promoting better and deeper sleep.” This effect of mitigating inflammation and boosting gut health also has ripple effects on, for example, acne since it can help with skin inflammation. Of course, like with anything, you’d need to be consuming huge amounts of broth daily to see direct results, so instead of thinking of bone broth as a cure-all it should be thought of as a healthy addition to a diet. Especially because these broths are often VERY high in sodium! Always read nutrition labels because you don’t want to end up bloated when you’re hoping to fight inflammation!

While there are a ton of ways to enjoy bone broth, they’re most commonly sipped warm or added to recipes likes soups and stews… but that’s just way too hot to do in summer! Which brings us to a bubbling trend: bone broth smoothies. Yes, that’s right, animal-based broths and fruits are now a thing. Will they be the next black bean brownie or avocado ice cream? Checkout the recipe below and let us know what you think!

The Mango Smoothie (serves 2) from Osso Good is made with just three ingredients:

  • 20 oz pouch of partially frozen chicken bone broth
  • 1 ripe medium/large mango
  • celtic sea salt to taste

Blend together partially frozen bone broth, mango and sea salt until smooth.

Cold soups are another option. BruBroth makes it pretty easy. They’re basically the bone broth version of a juice cleanse – they combine all of the nutrition of bone broth with the vitamins of fresh vegetable and root juices. They source pastured, organic chicken and grass-fed beef bones from local farmers and the brand is 100% organic. The broths are meant to be heated but can easily be enjoyed chilled as a gazpacho alternative. Or, as an alternative to mixing fruit with animal broth if you’re not quite ready for a bone broth smoothie…

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