How To Boost Your Metabolism As You Age



Once you hit about 30 your metabolism begins to slow down, which means that if you don’t change anything about your eating and moving habits you’ll gain weight! Even if you’re doing the exact same thing you did the year before.

“I like to think of food as information for our body; in other words, what we eat literally tells our cells what to do,” says Robyn Youkilis, board certified holistic health coach, TV personality, and best-selling author of Go with Your Gut.  “Consuming sugar and highly processed foods sends the wrong message to your body, causing damage and inflammation on a cellular level. Meanwhile, not eating enough also sends the wrong message to your body, forcing your metabolism to slow down and store fat. It’s very important to find the balance that works for you.”

With that in mind here are Youkilis’ go-to tips for keeping up your metabolism as you age:

  • Drink water! Water helps keep everything moving in your body and helps flush out fat and toxins. I recommend putting a large (24 oz or more!) Mason jar on your nightstand BEFORE you go to sleep. That way it’s right there when you wake up to chug!
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats like avocados, chia seeds, almonds, coconut oil and salmon. Fat keeps you full and happy. I personally was at my heaviest when I was eating “fat free”.
  • Fill up on LOTS of colorful veggies at every meal and make sure they’re delicious! 
  • CHEW your food to liquid. Your body needs energy to properly metabolize your food. Swallowing our bites practically whole stresses out our digestive systems taking more energy from and what your body needs.
  • Say no to sugar. It’s a drug and science has proven it.
  • Move your body every day in some way that makes you feel great. It can be ANYTHING!
  • Decrease your exposure to environmental toxins. Every time your body interacts with a chemical smell it needs to detoxify it in your system – again more stress for your body! Keep it unscented, even those so called “natural” scents still take work for your body to process.

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