Bottega Beauties

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In a season where most designers are rushing to create the next “it” bag even if it means sacrificing the artistic integrity of “design”, the house of Bottega has stayed focused on making beautiful bags. We love the signature Bottega weave chain strap and the fabulous floral appliques details on this limited edition hand tooled sienna intreciatto leather bag. But beauty doesn’t come cheap, retail price at $2750 on Net-a-porter.


This ain’t your grandmother’s old weave bag. Bottega Veneta has also released limited edition bags like this leather and velvet open weave bag(left) to hipsters around the world. It takes 48 hours to weave the leather strips by hand to create each bag ($3,850 each). Run and get your BV bag asap. They are sure to become collector’s items.


  1. K
    May 23, 2006 / 5:48 pm

    Although we do no condone irresponsible spending, we feel like you should treat yourself just for being good about saving. And we have no comments regarding the state of the real estate market, we cannot in good conscience give you advice about an area in which we are not experts.

    The Bag Snob

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