Boucheron Rings: Carnival of the Animals

Boucheron Rings

No one does animalia jewels quite as elegantly as Boucheron. Their pieces are not like the tacky Judith Leiber variety – these animals sparkle with life (and with the finest quality gems!). The Parisian family dynasty has been creating jewels and perfume for around 150 years (they were acquired by Gucci at the start of the new millenium) and have even crafted pieces for royals from the UK, Russia, and India, so it’s safe to say they know the high-end market. Here are some of their most dazzling creature comforts:

Cypris White Diamond Ring ($30,000): Yes, these gems are pricey, but look at what you’re getting – nearly 2 carats of diamonds and rubies in a statement ring that literally uses its eyes to catch yours.

Hathi Ring ($48,000): Nearly a hundred years ago, Boucheron was asked to set the stones of the Maharaja’s treasure. Is this decorated elephant a callback to the jewelry house’s storied history?

Zebra Ring (price on request): The fact that you have to inquire personally for the price just goes to show you that these unique pieces are truly worthy of showcasing – they’re museum quality and real investments.

Grenouille Ring ($24,000): It’s not easy being green – unless your hand is decked out in more than 175 tsavorites. This is the kind of gift that would make any frog look like a handsome prince.

Flamingo Ring ($57,000): Boucheron is known for their heavy use of high-quality diamonds, but pink and purple sapphires are what stick out to me on this reimagining of nature’s brightest bird.

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