Braun x Lacoste Essential Grooming Set: For Looking Fly on the Fly


We love a good collaboration, and here’s one we know our man snobs will appreciate. How often does your man meet you right after hitting the gym? And he’s likely sweaty, smelly, and slightly unkempt. We like our guys rugged, but they’ve got to be presentable! Finally, he can properly groom himself before hitting the town with you. The Braun Lacoste Essential Grooming Set has his summer grooming essentials covered.

Men like ease, and what’s easier than an all-inclusive kit? To welcome Andy Roddick as their new face, Lacoste teamed up with Braun with the urban athlete in mind: Lacoste Essential and Lacoste Essential Sport, and Braun’s Mobile Shave M-90 mobile razor.

Both of the scents are clean, masculine, and versatile. “Essential” is citrus-based, combined with tomato leaves, black pepper, and a woody infusion. Bonus: its time-release technology keeps him smelling fresh all day. “Essential Sport” melds grapefruit, bergamot, nutmeg, Juniper, and a hint of green for a cool, yet manly fragrance.

The Braun Mobile Shave M90 (pocket battery shaver) is quick and easy grooming at hand. No excuses for wayward hairs now!

So sneak the set in his gym bag, and he’ll be sure to thank you later. And even if he forgets, you’ll be thanking yourself! To be sold for $79 at major department stores.

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