Brows: How to add volume without going overboard on product

Anyone who has ever over-plugged or, in my case, accidentally left bleach on too long (my brows turned orange!) knows that brows grow painfully slow….like reallllly slow. It took a good THREE years before all traces of orange were permanently gone from my brows! So how can we add volume without going overboard? I enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist, Erwin Gomez of KARMA by Erwin Gomez, who works with celebs like Jennifer Garner and Eva Longoria on the regular, to find out.
How to find the perfect shape for your face?

Shaping your brows is easier than you might think – it’s all about following your own unique bone structure to frame your face. Start by taking a pencil and laying it flat vertically against the end of your nostril going up to your forehead. The line this creates (going just past your inner eye) marks how far in your eyebrows should go without looking like you have a unibrow. Take that same pencil still held flush against your face and fan it out until it’s on the last quarter of your eye – this is where your arch will be. And finally, fan it out a little further until the pencil rests just past the outer corner of your eyes – this is where your line will end.

How do you shape your brows so that they appear to have more volume? 

Having the right tools are key when creating the perfect brow. You should always have a brow pencil and gel in your makeup bag but a waterproof semi-permanent brow pen is also a great addition to ensure your brows always look their best. To avoid going overboard with filling in your brows, start by using a pencil and a swift sweeping motion of short dashes. Start from the inner corner of your eye and work towards the end, adding lighter dashes for a soft fade at the end for a natural finish. Then, go in with a gel or a pen to add more color and staying power. Finish with a setting spray to hold everything in place.

What about microblading for volume? 

While microblading is great for anyone, it’s a particularly great option for anyone who’s suffering from hair loss or hair damage due to medical treatments because it’s semi-permanent and you need to retouch every 2 years. Before going in for your first appointment, make sure you know what you want your brows to look like. Visit a brow professional and have them draw on the perfect shape for your face which you can then use as a template when you visit a microblading specialist. This way you’ll know exactly what your brows will look like and what shape and fill works best for you!

One more thing to note – if you use harsh products on or for your face this will affect how long your brows will last.  You’ll notice them fade much sooner than they normally would so keep that in mind!

Image: Vogue

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