BuDhaGirl Prayer Bead All Weather Bangles: Daily Meditation

BuDhaGirl Prayer Bead All Weather Bangles

A set of gorgeous gold bangles is a style statement for sure, but what if each of the bracelets had meaning behind it? That’s the idea with BuDhaGirl’s all weather bangles. The PVC bracelets are filled with 24K gold dust (meaning you can walk right through that TSA metal detector, jewels on hand) and sealed up with prayer beads, a reminder that each individual piece should be put on with a happy thought, meditation, or goal in mind. When I saw my girlfriend wearing just three, she told me she hadn’t had time to list all of her intentions that morning. BuDhaGirl’s set comes with nine, wrapped together with a prayer ribbon. They make for truly meaningful gifts and are available for different faiths. Choose from Buddhist, the Lord’s Prayer, St. Teresa, or Serenity (best for general spirituality) beads. With these, you’ll find a balance in your life and style to match! On BuDhaGirl for $110.

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