Burn it or Freeze it? Breaking down the latest in fat burning treatments. TruSculpt vs Cool Sculpting


If you’re considering Cool Sculpting or Tru Sculpt to get your body bikini-ready for August, aka the hottest month of the year, you need to read this carefully before making your decision on these very expensive treatments.

The clinical differences are listed in the diagram below but I wanted to share my personal experiences:

As you know, I love testing out the latest and greatest in skin care for you guys (at least that’s what I tell my hubby, I HAVE to get facials cuz it’s my JOB! lol). A couple years ago, I decided to try Cool Sculpting. I’ve always been very thin and fit but I just had stubborn love handles that would not go away after giving birth. I know this sounds so frivolous but it made me feel really bad about my body and I just wanted to try it. It works by freezing fat cells using paddles to squeeze and pinch areas like flabby under arms and love handles. It was not painful on the arms but VERY uncomfortable and painful on the belly (I felt like a vacuum was sucking out my intestines and then freezing them). The downtime was also 2-3 weeks, I not only bruised badly (I looked like I had been beaten badly) but I was very swollen for weeks! The plus side is I did see a slight difference (after two sessions and many months) but oddly, not uniformly. I felt like there were bits and pieces still hanging about. I decided not to continue with the sessions because the bruising and swelling was just too uncomfortable (also, the friend I did it with had numb upper arms for MONTHS! We were worried she had permanent “frost bite” symptoms).

Recently, I heard about the latest fat burning technology called Tru Sculpt, and decided to give it a try. It is touted as the least invasive and easiest body sculpting treatment which I was skeptical of but happy to report it was pain-free with zero downtime! In fact, Tru Sculpt actually helped me with my cramps and lower back pain during the treatment cuz of the extremely hot paddles used. Hot as the paddles were, however, I didn’t experience any burns, pain nor numbness. I also had zero swelling, I actually forgot I had it done until I noticed my tummy was slightly flatter at about the 8 week mark. I had also quit sugar and win around the same time, so that probably had something to do with it as well. Lastly, it was such a fast treatment! I did 2 areas (tummy and back of arms) in just 30min. Another thing I noticed was the fact that my skin looked and felt a little bit tighter even though I wasn’t doing as much pilates. I’m no Sports Illustrated bikini model but I do feel better about my body and that was what I was aiming for. Not to be depressed every time I look down. And, I spend less time obsessing about my body now so that’s another bonus. Will I ever do Tru Sculpt again? Most definitely! In fact, I’m thinking of making another appointment soon.

Whichever treatment you decide on (if any), however, make sure you do your own research. Also ask any and everyone who’s ever done them so you can make the best decision for your body. Good luck!!



Not a paid partnership. I was treated by both Cool Sculpting and Tru Sculpting to try and review the treatments.

This is merely an honest review to help you make informed decisions. 


  1. Natasha G
    July 31, 2019 / 4:48 pm

    Thanks for this post. I have been reading about both and you’ve just made my mind for me. Tru Sculpting it is!


  2. Lady P
    August 1, 2019 / 8:08 am

    I did Cool sculpting multiple times and had fairly good results. However, I have shark like indentations on my upper arms we are trying to even out. I think with anything, exercise and sensible eating habits will help with results.

    Very interested in Tru sculpt, thanks for the post

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